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Stefan Knecht

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Stefan Knecht

I support Product and Platform Development, digitalisation, agile working modes as SAFe or decomissioning with SMA Solar Technology AG.

Finding robust solutions for good problems: adequate organisation, agile behaviour nudges or interim management.

pragmatic practitioner and experienced organisational psychologist, in complex situations I prefer systemic practices instead of seemingly simple receipts. In large groups, robust cooperation happens effectively: moderated, structured and transparent towards a shared goal.
Analytical, transparent, authoritative and humorous — Make it easy, don’t fight.
years of agile practices
industries and sectors
team / individual coachings

Industrial and Organisational Psychologist, University Diploma
Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC)
SAFe Release Train Engineer (RTE)
Certified Agile Leader (CAL-1+2)
Scrum Professional (CSP)
Kanban Systems Design (KMP1)
Product Owner (CSPO, CSP-PO)
Professional Scrum Master (PSM)
Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Methods: Impact Mapping, Story Mapping, Organizational Development, Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, Lean Startup, Large Group Formats / Open Spaces, Conflict Mediation, Appreciative Inquiry, Requirement Engineering, Beyond Budgeting, OKRs, Flight Levels, Design Thinking, (…)

Industrial-/Organizational Psychologist · Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) · SAFe Release Train Engineer (RTE) · Certified Agile Leader (CAL-1+2) · Scrum Professional (CSP) · Kanban Systems Design (KMP1) · Product Owner (CSPO, CSP-PO) · Professional Scrum Master (PSM) · Certified Scrum Master (CSM) · Certified Stealing Stuff that Works Practitioner (CSSTWP)

Most notably, I am a proud CSSTWP.

deliver projects

reliable results

Benefit from adapted methods

As an experienced project manager, industrial and organisational psychologist and certified agile coach, I master all important classical and agile management frameworks and hybrids.

We jointly find a suitable and sustained approach, then implement it.

From requirements gathering to priorisation in a transparent backlog towards a minimum viable product — across Impact Mapping or OKRs if you need them: deliver value sustainably. 

informed change

smoother together

Empower and ease impediments

Organisational development works on hindering circumstances.

No one likes to be changed. Through elaborating own insights, negotiating enablement and practicing competencies and ability, roadblocks vanish. Effective change and sustainable transformation only happens driven by employees.

This enablement to self-organise and Diese Befähigung zu Selbstorganisation und responsibility is an empirical social process: acceleration grips with deeper  and broader experience.

train competencies

develop leadership

Skills grow by doing

Coaching and training for teams, specialists and managers are more effective with applicable reference to their own organisational environment.

Learning happens best and sustainably  within your manifest environment: Lean, Scrum, Kanban, project and programme management using Confluence and Jira – remotely or in presence, practical and immediately useful.

My trainings for agile practices and adapted methods come right out of the corporate reality — slight doses of humor instead of ready-mades.


Digitalisation · Organisational Development · Business Agility · Project-/Programme Management · Mediation and Moderation · Pragmatic Crisis Support · Interim Management

Solar Industry
Customisation of SAFe for the planning and production of a very large inverter project with 17 teams

Videoconferencing start-up
Organisational development and coaching for development, DevOps, sales and marketing in teams and management levels

Automotive supplier
Playbooks and training concepts for the introduction and operational use of SAFe as a scaled agile method

Global appliance manufacturer
Coaching of the global marketing teams for efficient agile methods and formats

program lead for a large health publisher and its transformative reorganisation of structures, workflows, methods and SaaS/cloud tech; individual, team and leadership coachings; requirement gathering, priorising

Medical device manufacturer
Coaching and trainings to shift from waterfall organisation to Scrum

For several mid-size companies, start-ups and international corporations
Trainings, advisory and operational support: introduction and implementation of agile methods for both existing and new projects

Pharma start-up
Establishing, training and hardening self-organising practices and tooling to quickly develop an MVP

For several international corporations
Concept, structure, set-up, administration, training and operation: introduction of project tracking for up to 600 users per installation; same for robust intra/extranets.

Global Insurance Group
Lead Scrum Master for the first Scrum-based product development, crisis moderation and mediaton, agile basics trainings for lead roles and managers, introduction of Kanban systems zu optimise flow, core product development projects, decomissioning of legacy systems

Project consulting and implementation support: refactoring of a grown code base into a modular structure

International market research company
“Global Lead Location Intelligence”, concept and product development: integration of geo data and spatial analysis into behavioural research and insight generation

Geo data start-up
Co-founder and CIO of a venture capital funded start-up: algorithmic conflation of vectorised geo data into hi-res, multimodal maps; conception and production of six early iPhone Apps »Walk & Ride«; quality assurance, sales and marketing

Diversified media conglomerate
“Head of Media Intelligence”, program lead: data driven behavioural research and analysis, pattern recognition and machine learning to extend linear program planning to secondary screens

Largest german eCommerce
Programme management: planning and priorising of strategic development projects

Culture and event management
Commercial redevelopment of a privately financed arts and cultural centre in a former schnapps factory at Praterinsel, an island amidst the river Isar

Software start-up
Sales and development of a semantic tool for professional corporate knowledge management and dissemination

Several special interest publishers
Concept and operational production of portals and magazine sites